Winswin – a mannequin for all sizes

On retiring and ending his teaching activities at the University in Hong Kong, Dr Allan Chan threw himself into the development of his mannequins. idummy is his invention and comes in both male and female versions, the proportions of which can be adjusted automatically and flexibly.

Using an idummy, it is possible not only to try out different garment sizes – bottom, tummy and bust sizes can also be reduced or enlarged. Chan calls them ‘micro adjustments’. What does a dress look like when a 36 figure has a belly or a 40 figure only a small bosom? How do trousers fall when they are made in size 54? Using an idummy, designers and manufacturers can answer all these and many more questions quickly and easily.

Dr Allan Chan with his mannequin

Chan’s company Winswin works together with numerous Chinese manufacturers who use idummys for design and product development, in manufacturing, for fitting, in the trade, for online shopping and training. The adjustable mannequin is very easy to use and controlled via a tablet. Naturally, these advantages apply equally to the United Kingdom, America and Europe. The different garment sizes? No problem! They can be entered using the sizes applicable in the country concerned.

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