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When uniforms become motorcycles

It won’t be long before almost 70 percent of humanity lives in the world’s metropolises and mega-cities. At least, that is what the United Nations predict. And, as a result, expectations for homes, travel, transport and health will all change. Whilst thoughts of flying taxis appear exciting and futuristic, many changes are taking place, it seems, without attracting quite such enormous public attention.

Techtextil and Texprocess, in collaboration with Creative #olland, which represents the Dutch creative industries, will, in a dedicated area in the Foyer of Hall 4.2, be showcasing ideas of what life in the cities of tomorrow might look like. Along with suggestions, such as the 3D- printed ‘Urban Cabin’ and the ‘Tiny House’, from the Dutch firm, DUS Architects, there are presentations of projects like ‘Plastics in Progress’ that turns PET into flock, mixes it with polyester fibres and moulds the combined fibres into composite sheets. Adidas and textiles designer, Simone Post, are transforming old gym shoes into carpets with typical Adidas stripes. After five years of intensive research and development work, DenimX are breathing new life into textile waste such as old uniforms and transforming it into textile fibres and organic plastics. These, in turn, are being used to make casings for electric motorcycles. Their baptism of fire – the ‘Zwarte Cross’ in Lichtenvoorde, the biggest event of its kind and an admixture of festival and motocross racing – is already behind them.

Recycling instead of dumpsite: textile fibres of old uniforms are being reused

Recycling instead of dumpsite: textile fibres of old uniforms are being reused

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