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“In principle, this kind of robot already exists”, says Holger Labes, Managing Director of Vetron. So what’s new about the Vetron Viper? “We wanted to make the whole thing smaller and less expensive. Our aim was to produce a production pod built for automation as standard. Something that you can introduce in mass production”. Current robotic systems for computer-controlled sewing/stitching procedures on 3-D products generally have sewing heads of up to 150 kilograms. For these you need heavyweight robots and plenty of space. Vetron have shown that there is an alternative.

The robot works overhead – i.e. hangs from the ceiling – in the relatively small sewing station. The integral sewing machine weighs just seven kilograms. How did Vetron come up with this invention? “You just need to listen to the customers”, claims Labes. “They were asking for a smaller solution – ideally one that is less expensive, too”. And if anyone needs a bigger robot, because objects larger than traditional dashboards have to be stitched, Vetron also offer a range of different sized robots. With the Vetron Viper, everything that is currently still done by hand can be completely automated. The sewing/ stitching pod is flexible and can be used in a variety of situations. It is, moreover, easy to set up and dismantle.

The company, which comes from Kaiserslautern in Germany, produces robots that are used in a variety of areas, including the fine leather goods, automotive and furniture sectors. And this year is now the fifth time they have won the Texprocess Innovation Award. In selecting the winner, the jury also recognised that this compact, mobile, robotic sewing pod uses significantly less energy compared to the traditional larger computers.

All winners of the Texprocess Innovation Awards are listed here once again.

Cover Image: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH/ Pietro Sutera

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