Texprocess Innovation Award – Revolution in Progress

Machines realising 3D pieces of textile fabrics without sewer, machine to machine communication – these are not ideas of far future. Technical challenges are increasing – and answers to many requirements are already here. For the third time, the Texprocess Innovation Award celebrates outstanding new developments by an internationally coveted award. The Jury was composed of five experts around Jürgen Brecht, Marc Cain. The team was impressed by the variety of the proposals that are promising improvements in process quality and software. Head of jury Jürgen Brecht is convinced that revolution in processing is in progress and that everywhere, R&D divisions are working hard for innovations.

One of the winners was Veit with its Veit Fusion 4.0 that makes the customers’ fusing operations as easy as possible. But how does Veit realise it? Veit provides a decentralised control of the fusion process in a network where the machine communicates with anothers, to the goods and with itself. As Ingolf Bauer, moderator of the award ceremony, stressed: “Veit’s FX Diamond Fusing Machine with its Fusing Technology 4.0 is ready to meet the requirements of intelligent manufacturing. Benefits are for instance reduced energy costs, transparency as well as a efficient process coordination.

Another winner was Vetron, a vivid innovation pioneer, already award four times the Texprocess Award. This young R&D company located in Kaiserslautern presented a machine that works without seamstress. The machine is able to fix the edges of two fabric layers exactly so that a perfect seams results of the sewing process.

Brother as producer of sewing machine was also awarded for its worldwide first lock stitch sewing machine with an integrated electronic feeding system with a thread cutter and a stepping motor for the feeding process. The so-called Nexio provides the perfect solution to long residual threads or birds’ nests.

Last but not least, the Dürkopp’s M type premium was awarded. Thanks to this machine mechanical operation becomes obsolete. It’s all about electronic control. The consortium of Dürkopp Adler, KSL, Beisler and Pfaff invented a machine the automatically controls thread tension, the sewing food pressure, lifting height and stitch length.

Welcome to the future and congrats to the winners!

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