Tajima focuses on R&D to meet the customers’ needs

“Research and development is key for our company”, says Markus Landenberger, German distributor for Tajima embroidery machines. “We are always striving to improve our development environment by introducing state of the art equipment in order to offer high quality embroidery machines that meet the customers’ needs.”

Flagship model of the Japan embroidery specialist in the Lineup Series is a type with an automatic under thread bobbin changer. While changing the bobbins, the machine does not stop, thus, there is no loss of time. “And we offer the worldwide first multi-head embroidery machines with an automatic thread tension control”, says Landenberger. “For straight seams, the machine automatically increases the tension, for decoration seams it works with a lower one.” This machine also controls the under thread level and the thread consumption. Handling of the machines is very easy, there is no more need of long trainings. Operations for a perfect result are self-explanatory.

Pulse, the integrated software solutions developer of Tajima, supports the interconnectivity and networking of design and embroidery machines. No proprietary networking hardware is required to use it and increase the embroidery Efficiency.

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