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What now? How does one grab the attention of visitors at this year’s Texprocess, after the complete production line of two years ago? Pawel Bronski, CEO of Strima, Designer Maria Ziolkowska-Bqk and Project Manager Iza Budzichowska spent a long time scratching their heads over the question, until they got together with a few colleagues for a brainstorming session.

Stitch has no nationality“, said Agnieszka Wisniewska, the first to speak. “Never say no” was Krzysztof Krol’s observation – and the idea was born.

“We work with companies in 86 different countries,” says Iza. “They are a colourful bunch; we are all different, but need to talk to one another and learn from each other.”  On the Friday afternoon it was complete, this display for ‘Stitch has no nationality’ with photographs, wishes, hashtags and messages. “The more difficult the political environment in Poland, Europe and, indeed, the entire world, the more we need to stand together,” – this is the view of Iza and of the entire Strima company. The sewing machines play second fiddle – at least for the duration of the trade fair. You can have a look at one of them at first hand, almost as a symbolic gesture. There are plenty of PC terminals on the stand, where you can see their other models and get further information.

Stitch has no nationality-photo wall

“Our machines join materials; with ‘Stitch has no nationality’, we are trying to express how important good links between the different peoples of the world are to us,” says Iza. Her boss does not continue in an entirely predictable manner. In shirt sleeves, he is, already, on the second day of the show, no longer just here as the CEO. On his name tag are the words: Pawel Bronski, Bar Tender. “Today I am responsible for good communication – and the beer!”

Stitch has no nationality-photo wall

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