Schmetz – the right needles for any kind of points, seams and materials

„It depends on what do you want“, explains Edgard Herbiet. “For a straight seam you need a needle with another geometry than for a 3D decoration seam.” Needles for leather are not like needles for lighter fabrics. And a special industrial application fields need needles with a specific coating. These coatings result in different benefits. There is, for example, the anti-adhesive coating for a excellent sliding properties. Another coating with titanium nitride offers a long service life and reliable seams.

For the very first time, Schmetz presented spare parts for sewing machines. “It seems to be quite a success”, says Herbiet. “Customers ask for prices and order our new products. They trust in Schmetz, because Schmetz is known for high quality. Shanker. J, General Manager Asia, summarises: “You often have to replace knifes to clean and sharpen them. But needle plates and loopers have to be changed quite often.”

Schmetz is a needle factory founded in 1851 and stands for best sewing results. It is based in Herzogenrath near Aachen. Schmetz product and service range represents a comprehensive offer for the individual demands of more than 47 branches of the sewing and textile processing industry as well as for fashion studios and the hobby sector. Its comprehensive worldwide presence is ensured through its own distribution companies and a dense network of distributors on all continents.

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