Recognising risks in good time

Making the wrong decision, because we don’t know exactly where we stand? Not having enough time to react because we are swept along by a flood of papers and e-mails. “There are lots of risks,” says Jens Fabian, from TXT e-solutions, in his lecture at the Texprocess Forum.

“Political uncertainties can turn into economic ones. We have identified 12 different risks. These include operational difficulties, financial problems, technological challenges and unrest amongst employees.”

The constant flow of information needs to be sensibly processed, in order for the right conclusions to be drawn, says Fabian. In order to know where we stand and where the difficulties are, company heads must know the company’s processes and procedures in detail. Better still is a multi-level approach, whereby the company’s suppliers, together with their suppliers and subsidiaries are also brought on board and included in discussions. And, at the end of the day, it is not enough to identify the risks, they must also be properly communicated.

Jens Fabian – Texprocess Forum

That TXT e-solutions have evidently done some good work in the area is not only evidenced by the names of their customers, names that strike all sorts of chords with us: Céline, Dior, Burberry, Todds, Hugo Boss and the Hamm Reno Group are just a few of them. Fabian, Chief Executive of their German Headquarters in Chemnitz, is evidently proud of the TXT e-solutions’ 2016 tally: they have 350 customers worldwide, with 52 ‘go lives’ in the year. The software programming company was founded in 1989 in Milan.

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