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Optitex, New York based company for digital business solutions, wants its clients to maintain their creative lead. The US firm thus gives them the tools to keep up and stay ahead. For almost 30 years now, Optitex has developed around the world, solutions are available in 20 languages. Optitex supports a more efficient workflow that significantly reduces costs and time to market.

Next to solutions for the product development, Optitex also offers solutions for production, sales, marketing & merchandising as well as for collaboration and data management. All these solution are made to reduce wastage at any point in the production cycle, to decrease time and to save costs. Companies like leather goods maker Coach, Armani Denim or Scott sports products has been relying on Optitex solution for a long time. Coach for instance increased its sample production by the factor 5. Scott is proud of its benefits in developing, the general visualization and the support given by Optitex.

Optitex’s vision? With its new Optitex 0/15 the American company enable costumers to achieve true to life 3D digital samples. Pleats are looking natural, collars and cuffs more authentic, rigid parts are better integrated in the 3D simulation. Next to this, grading and stitching workflow becomes even faster. And finally, samples are easy to access and to manage by the assets libraries. What about you revolutionizing the way you develop, produce and market your products?

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