Personalisation as a business model

There are, says Holger Max Lang from Lectra, in his lecture for the Texprocess Forum, several trends that will determine our future. The more than two billion millennials on Earth will make their impact felt. The use of social media has been with them from the cradle onwards, so to speak, and has turned them into online shoppers. Digitalisation is all set to take over the world. China has already stolen a march on most other countries. In a completely networked world, real-time information is standard.

Lectra sees ‘the future of fashion’ in personalisation. “That’s the key thing,” says Lang. ‘Batch sizes of 1’ and ‘Fashion on Demand’ are the trends to look out for. Fashion houses like Burberry and Prada are, he suggests, already working with a ‘made-to-measure’ strategy and have achieved significant double-digit sales growth as a result. The advantages are plain to see: proximity to the customer means less storage and hence higher margins. Not only that – if items of clothing are not produced until customers have bought them, then the result is ‘zero waste’.

Lectra are developing new Cloud-based applications and cutting solutions, in order to support the revolution that is occurring amongst customers and their aims in the digital age. The strategy – viz. the digitalisation of the entire value-creation chain – is firmly anchored in the principles of Industry 4.0. Lectra’s solutions are eminently suited to both mass and individual production and anything in between. This business model won the 2019 Texprocess Innovation Award in the ‘New Process’ category.

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