New cutting dimensions in the textile business

“Our water cutting machine with the efficient CAD/CAM system enables the customer to achieve maximum results together”, says Expert CEO Sebastian Bruder. “It works with constant accuracy and high velocity.” The Expert variojet is able to cut single or multi-layer materials until 200 mm height and a working width of 180 x 300 cm. It cuts foams, rubber, leather, composites, foils, cork, wood and industrial fabrics in a 3D way. No contour is too complicated for the waterjet nozzle. “Formerly, the worker had to cut the pattern with a traditional 2D cutter and then he worked it with a milling machine. This procedure is not economical at all”, says Bruder.

It fascinating to watch the waterjet machine while it moves three-dimensionally above the material. It looks a little bit like a dance. You hardly see the jet of 1,5 mm that is ejected with a pressure up to 4,000 bar. It’s only a little water steam and the wanted sample is quickly cut. Because of the high pressure, the material leaves the machine “like wet lips”.

The data of a wanted pattern can easily be entered via the CAD/CAM system. And they can be modified without any problem. The software module nest expert varionest increases the yield of material – either automatically or in an interactive way. The cutting parameters of each material were saved which minimises operation errors and saves operating time.

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