Multiple winner of the Texprocess Innovation Award

Once again this year, Vetron was awarded the Texprocess Innovation Award. And Holger Labes, CEO of Vetron, is very proud of it: „That is our forth prize. We are always longing for innovations. We never stop having ideas and keep on developing machines that enhance processing and that open up new perspectives.”

Vetron is a subsidiary company of Chinese group Typical which is a big manufacturer of sewing machine and in 2009, invested money to found a R&D centre in Kaiserslautern. Vetron started with 17 employees. Today, 40 researchers, developers and engineers are working on tomorrow’s sewing machines.

“The idea was to invent a machine without operator and to make simple process steps cheaper”, says Labes. “And thus, finally the production may come back from Asia to Europe.” The new Vetron autoseam machine is globally the first of its type to work automatically. Until its market launch next year it will be only a little bit more expansive than a traditional sewing machine. It’s made to sew medium and heavy materials generally used in the furniture, leather or automotive industry.

The brand new Vetron machine is able to monitor, to auto-correct stitch by stitch the edges of two fabrics and, by doing so, to automatically sew the two layers together. It realises 2D but also 3D items. Each shape is possible. The quality level of the process is very high, reproducibility no problem at all.
Now we are looking forward to the 2017’ proposal of the vivid innovation driver from the Palatinate Region.

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