Cover Image: M-Type Delta by Dürrkopp Adler

M-Type Delta – the sewing machine that knows you

Even the name is in ‘3-D’: Delta – discover the difference – the sewing machine that heralds a major change. “Everything becomes simpler”, says Thomas Brinkhoff from Dürkopp Adler. “The machine knows the operator and the operator’s particular way of working. It knows what needs doing and how it must be done. It learns continuously, improves its own performance with every step in the process and communicates both with its operator and with the entire network of machines”. In this respect it is not a million miles from the mobile telephone and smartphone. “That’s how you need to think of yourself and your relationship with the M-Type Delta. It provides assistance in all situations”, adds Brinkhoff. The electronic spool knows when a needle needs changing. Improvements and updates are effected using software.

There are other advantages, too. There is no changeover between one operator and the next; logging on and logging off are automatic. Especially video instructions, tutorials and regular material checks make the machine easy to deal with. Familiarisation periods are significantly reduced. Whether for mass production or batch sizes of 1, the M-Type Delta adapts automatically. There is hardly any waste any more – whilst the ultimate vision is for ‘zero waste’.

And if there are problems, the machine itself provides assistance with repair instructions in the form of supporting videos. But problems will probably not occur very often, as the ‘preventive maintenance’ and ‘guided servicing’, which are constantly fed with data from direct experience, are specifically designed to ensure that this does not happen.

All these features impressed the jury of the Texprocess Innovation Awards 2019; to the point that they chose the M-Type Delta for the award. The machine can, they observed, be integrated into a completely digital sewing production line – irrespective of sector. That makes communication between operators, technicians, machine and networked system achievable, said the adjudicators in their comments.

The Texprocess Innovation Award was presented today at the trade fair’s official opening ceremony.

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