Interview with Dr. Andreas Seidl

Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO Human Solutions GmbH

1) What do expect from the market for software solutions such as Human Solution offer them for the fashion industry in Germany and Europe?

The fashion industry is changing, collections have to be presented more frequently and cheaper. Fitting data is an essential factor for success – we are offering the appropriate solutions for our clients. Human solution keeps growing, our products are sold all over the world with more than 200 employees and partners in 50 countries. That shows that our know how and our products are appreciated by our customers and that we have our finger on the pulse of the time.

2) What kind of innovations are driving the market and are promising concerning optimization in efficiency and transparency? What will Human Solution present at Texprocess?

We will present our latest developments in the 3D division, in an entire 3D world. Many processing steps that today were still be done two dimensionally, will be realised three dimensionally in the future. Thus, work and processing will be significantly facilitated, a virtual product development will be possible that simulates the human being, cutting and material in a high quality manner. The cutting accuracy will increase and the presentation of material will be highly realistic.

In the 3C world, three themes are vital for Human Solution: Design, development and distribution. Furthermore, we will show how our products perfectly interact and thus the entire supply chain is benefitting. Last but not least, we offer brand new apps for many of our solutions.

3) How does support Human Solution sustainability over the entire supply chain?

3D simulations result in a big support for a sustainable sample production. It leads to a reduction of many sample, because the quality of a digital pattern is highly realistic and of best quality. This results in a sustainable use of materials, because fittings are seldom necessary. Nowadays, you often have to send them several times around the world for these fittings.

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