Gütermann now with recyclable recycled thread

It is a long time since thread was just thread. Bonded endless twine loops neaten the edges of delicate fabrics; abrasion-resistant and light-fast thread is used for car mats and airbags; its high degree of elasticity makes riding breeches more comfortable and durable. Gütermann, manufacturers of sewing thread, have not only a large portfolio of products, they have the advantage of more than 150 years of tradition. Today, they are now probably the only company in Germany that continues to operate a manufacturing facility with a complete production line.

It is something that, as a company with a long-standing tradition, they are particularly pleased about. Two and a half years ago, the company was taken over by the American firm of American & Efird (abbreviated to ‘A&E’), which, in turn, belongs to a New York investment group. The Americans, themselves, look back over a long tradition, with the company having been founded in 1891. Today, A&E is the largest American sewing-thread manufacturer and the second largest supplier in the world.

As a result, Gütermann have extended their sphere of influence and become a global player. They appear at this year’s trade fair under the slogan “seams unlimited”. That goes, in equal measure, for both their market presence and their products. “We are investing huge sums of money in environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes and products,” says Company Chief Executive Jürgen Drescher. The latest addition to their palette of products is a thread made from recycled polyester, which can, in its turn, also be recycled. It all starts with shredded PE bottles. They are ground down and reprocessed to provide a granular feedstock. Then the fibre is extracted and thread spun from it. “It is one way, perhaps, of helping to stop the pollution of the oceans with plastic,” opines Drescher.

The new slogan: ‘Seams unlimited’

The recycled thread also offers durability and performance. It is used for workwear, outdoor apparel and for denim. Perma Core® using Repreve® yarn from recycled material is available in various strengths and performs just as well as the conventional Gütermann yarns.

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