Fusing 4.0 – Veit makes fusing operations as easy as possible

First of all, men talk to machines, than machines to machines. “Imagine the fabric is not ready yet”, says Günter Veit. “The stand-by signal will be send to the machine to save energy.” Or the machine’s maintenance is due. Then the fusing 4.0 will find a period where the machine stands still anyway.

Veit Fusing 4.0 provides a decentralised control of the fusing process in a network where the machine can communicate with other machines, the goods and itself. Veit’s new FX Diamond Fusing Machine with this Fusing 4.0 technology meets all the demands of intelligent manufacturing and allows the users to profit in their production process – even without being completely interconnected.

All parameters needed – figures, settings, history of the process cycle and so on – are fed into the CAD system. By communicating with other machines in the network the whole production process becomes easier and more efficient. The machine itself is able to adjust all process parameters, thus the manufacturer can prove the constancy of his products.

Bild7_NEUVeit Fusing 4.0 was awarded the Texprocess Innovation Award. “We are always looking for better solutions”, says Günter Veit who runs the company in the second generation and is now supported by his son Christopher. “My father himself was very interested in technical progress”, says Günter Veit. “It’s the same for me and my son. Additionally, we love working with lots of young people. They are curious about everything, they are pushing the business forward and are real innovation drivers.” Right now, there is only one wish to fulfil: Both Veits, father and son, would like to have other companies and partners to cooperate within the Fusing 4.0 technology.

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