Frankfurt und Hong Kong at one table

Hong Kong and Frankfurt as direct neighbours? With 3D as key digitalisation technology from the start, it’s possible! That will not only speed up the development process in the fashion industry, but also bring a completely new shopping experience for the customers. And in this sense Hong Kong is going to move very closely to Frankfurt am Main.

At Assyst, everyone – from designer, to product developer, to manufacturer and shop – works together, referring to data on cloud. Each person processes them in accordance with his or her role. And thus brings the product rapidly one step forward towards completion.

Assyst offers IT solutions for design, product development and point of sale. Their interplay takes the workflow into a new, completely digital dimension. That runs from design, to showroom with virtual fashion show, to orders, and into the shop. Here, for instance, you can show via an RFID chip how the present pink dress looks like in blue, how different items of clothes can be combined, or which product and care characteristics they have. Service? All quite simply via the drag-and-drop function. For orders in particular it brings major advantages. It saves time, and you always have a precise overview through evaluations which are available constantly.

Asysst/ Digital Showroom

A Fashion Show takes place in the Digital Show Room

“Collaborate now!” is the appeal which Assyst is making to all those involved. Integrating the technologies of other companies is seen by this new company as absolutely necessary if the industry is to be digitalised successfully. Yesterday this overarching 3D process was presented with the Texprocess Innovation Award in the “New Process” category. It will make a digital transformation possible in the fashion industry, said the jury.

Cover Image: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH/ Pietro Sutera

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