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Anyone who irons shirts regularly can only dream of this: a shirt finisher that makes this task completely superfluous. Even the cuffs look flawless.

‘The new model is easier to operate and delivers a better result so that the shirt can be packaged straight away’, says Sascha Oehl. The 3D shoulder, anti-slip coatings and new clamps are what make this possible, whether for short or long-sleeved shirts, modern slim fits or classic casual cuts. ‘In addition, the operator also has more space to stretch out the shirt’. The universal finisher is even easier to operate. It can be used to smooth and prepare t-shirts, polo shirts and dresses. The machine can process up to 240 items. ‘In the past, items were usually pressed. We’re moving away from this now because finishing makes them look airier and brighter’, says Oehl. Veit has also come up with another product development in the form of its fusing machine. Before, items had to be placed on the (very) hot belt. Now, a separate upstream belt makes this procedure a thing of the past. This belt does not come into contact with the conveyor belt in the machine.

For any eventuality: the universal finisher

For any eventuality: the universal finisher

The tunnel finisher looks futuristic. RFID chips on the hangers automatically supply the sensor with the required information. If blouses made from a mixed fabric follow cotton trousers, the conveyor belt stops until the tunnel has read the correct parameters. When green, the belt starts up so that the items can be moistened, steamed and then dried. To enable all machines to communicate with each other, they are networked according to the VDMA standard for digital interfaces, Euromap 77. This determines manufacturer-independent standards for industry 4.0 applications across the entire production chain.

Another multi-talent: the tunnel finisher

Another multi-talent: the tunnel finisher

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