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It‘s not about who’s the fairest in the land, but about whose innovative ideas are the most convincing. You, the audience, decide which model will win the award. But be careful! It is not an easy choice.

The ‘Manifest’ design, in graphic black with large lettering, is in competition with ‘Organic Architecture’ (such is the name of the seductive Bordeaux-red cocktail dress). With ‘Eruption’, the fabric billows in orange, grey and black, whilst ‘Memories’ Whispers’ is a dress that breathes new life into an historical style. Major competition comes from ‘World Folklore’. The outfit could equally well come from Russia or Norway.  But there is little doubt, at all events, that the Arrantza Shirt & Skirt ensemble is inspired by the traditional Basque costume.


Students from four colleges of fashion – from France, Germany, Italy and Portugal – have been playing with the future. For the second time, the trade fair is showcasing, in the Innovative Apparel Show, what young, creative designers can do with technical textiles and how they are helping to shape the fashions of tomorrow, using modern processing techniques and technologies. Key areas of emphasis are: ‘Textile Effects’, ‘Creative Engineering’ and ‘Smart Fashion’. The results are as exciting as they are varied: futuristic one-piece outfits in black or blue, straight-lined sportswear, folksy ensembles, sexy cocktail dresses and evening wear in dark shades, as well as bright, luminous eye-catching party outfits in white and sky blue.

Now it’s up to you – the visitors and audience at the trade fair – to vote for the Public’s Award. Which country will get its nose in front? Do the relatively undemonstrative men’s clothes stand a chance against the visionary outfits of the women? Don’t forget to cast your vote! The Public’s Prize for the Innovative Apparel Show will be presented at the trade fair, immediately after the end of the last show at 11 a.m.

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