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„Whether in the footwear or fashion industry, our products help to enhance the entire product development process”, says Reid Swanson, Director Sales Germany & Central Europe. “Companies like Mustang or Zero in Germany or Tommy Hilfiger and Scotch & Soda as well as French leather goods manufacturer Longchamp rely on our software.”

Thanks to this software, transparency is not vision but reality. It supports a better internal and external communication. “Its not so long ago, a blouse has been designed in Germany, afterwards the information about it was send to Asia by mail. Nowadays, all these data are available in the web. There is no more email bouncing, its only one step”, explains Swanson. “Denim fashion company Mustang, for instance, has reduced its communication and the need to clarify things by 30 percent.”

With the Centric software, all steps in the product life cycle management are easy to understand and to handle. At the very beginning, designers start to look for trends in the big, moving and up-coming cities of the world. They collect streetwear trends, shop impressions and take a lot of pictures with their mobile devices. Once back in the office, they try to merge and organize hundreds of pictures. Today, the software helps to support these steps. Everybody in the cycle – from the designer to the product management, to the manufacturer up to sales – is aware of what’s coming up. Over the entire product life cycle, there are no cracks anymore. Time to market becomes shorter, the productivity grows and costs decrease.

Centric software is a US based company from San Francisco that has been in the German market for fifteen months now. There are several options to introduce Centric software. “While Japan Uniqlo started with its designer label Helmut Lang, Tommy Hilfiger implemented the solution for the kids collection first and then for the women’s divison. Mustang need only fifteen weeks to completely introduce to new software”, says Swanson.

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