CAD/CAM-Countdown to Texprocess 2015

When looking on the CAD/CAM manufacturers branch there is without doubt a broad consensus with regard to the participation in Texprocess trade fair 2015. The branch has registered that the customers have diversified into new growth markets away from the conventional industries towards technical textiles, functional apparel textiles, leather and other flat material. Some of the CAD/CAM exhibitors are delivering insight into their preparations for the fair and their expectations.

At this stage a number of trends have already become clear from the announcements of the CAD/CAM exhibitors. Hardware (equipment) without software will hardly exist in the future. The offered concepts do not provide for single components but for comprehensive applications offering full integrability into the production environment. Almost every consulted provider is offering solutions for the automatic cutting of continuously repeating patterned fabrics. Such applications can have large savings potential.

As far as the cutting systems are concerned mechanical knife-cutters provided with interchangeable tools, depending on the type of the system, are dominating. The following novelties will be presented at the trade show: the three-dimensional water jet cutter cutexpert minijet and the Gerber Technology Paragon® Cutter. With regard to the front end software sector (computer aided design) the branch is willing to finally herald the methodical paradigm shift by means of comprehensive further development of construction and modification modules (clothing industry).

ZÜND AG: Single-layer cutters with focus on technical textiles
At Texprocess 2015, the Swiss manufacturer Zünd will present their single-layer cutters G3 and S3 provided with large tooling equipment for a nearly endless material spectrum within the range of technical textiles, clothing textiles, leather and other flat material.

ZÜND Cutter G3, allowing sharp-contoured motif cutting

ZÜND Cutter G3, allowing sharp-contoured motif cutting

The fair highlight will be the presentation of a Technology for the automatic and sharp-contoured motif cutting of individually printed textiles and films for promotional items and sportswear and the precisely tailored automatic cutting of patterned fabrics. In addition, the presentation of new options for material feeding and special software applications is planned in co-operation with partners of ZÜND.

ZÜND will show a wide variety of items. However, the company will prioritize the range of cutting technical textiles and flat products at the Texprocess and Techtextil trade fairs. Besides the machining of conventional textiles, ZÜND expects growth potential in applications with regard to textile architecture, production of membranes, insulating material and machining of fiber-glass reinforced and carbon fiber reinforced plastics for the manufacture of lightweight components. In particular ZÜND wants to demonstrate to its customers in the field of the technological sector a wide range of reliable and long-life machinery having an outstanding quality level combined with an efficient functionality in terms of integrability and control. In addition ZÜND’s show offer includes industrial applications for the upholstered furniture sector and the clothing industry.

Besides the customer recruitment for a “Return of Show-Investment“, ZÜND intends to use the Texprocess trade fair as an ideal networking platform in combination with the Techtextil fair taking place at the same time. The fairs offer an excellent forum for fairgoers gathering first-hand information on new cutting material in the field of technical textiles and for establishing and developing contact with co-operation partners within this branch.

Gerber Technology: New CAD 3D modules and cutting systems

The supplier Gerber Technology will show its universal CAD/CAM product line-up at the Texprocess trade fair including many fair novelties

fair novelty: Gerber Technology Cutter Paragon

fair novelty: Gerber Technology Cutter Paragon

which are concentrated on the clothing industry. One novelty is the integration of an own trend-setting CAD three-dimensional module into the Accumark V 10.0 design which allows the users to cover the entire value chain of a fashion idea (in the form of an image communication) from the prototype to the series and/or single unit production (depending on size and dimension). Merchandising can already be involved in the course of the product life cycle. This allows to apply traditional operation methods in a comfortable manner and to use large synergetic effects.   The steadily accelerating product development leads to the necessity of coordinating an increasing number of data within a short time. In order to allowing to respond to the market requirements and fashion trends in an efficient, secure and user-friendly manner, Gerber offers new and impressive options by offering the Product Life Management Package Yunique PLM V6.

In addition, Gerber will present its automatic nesting software AccuNest MC which is installed in the interface before the automatic cutting process. The machine ensures a utilization factor that has been increased by up to three percent compared to single core solutions.

Furthermore, Gerber will show its novelty called Paragon® cutting system which ranges within the CAM supply offer. This system includes the LX series for small-lot production and the VX series for high-layer cutting. For both cutting systems, the manufacturer promises a considerable technology leap. The application of an intelligent real time process management ensures an optimal balance between cutting speed and cutting quality without the need of intervention of the operator. By that an increased operation rate (availability) and reduced operational costs can be achieved and a higher performance as well.

By offering the KERI® (Knowledge Experience and Reference Interface) system to new users, an intelligent assistant helps to lead securely through every cutting order within a few hours. An own exhibit comprising customer care and service will be available at the fair.

Expert Systemtechnik GmbH: Premiere of new 3D Cutter
The exhibitor Expert Systemtechnik GmbH is specialised in the field of single-layer cutting and low-layer cutting of flat material and represents this segment at the Texprocess trade fair by showing its cutting systems cutexpert ecocam, CNC knife, cutexpert minijet 3D and three-dimensional water jet cutter .

cutexpert ecocam, CNC- knife cutter for low-layer cutting provided with new tools.

cutexpert ecocam, CNC- knife cutter for low-layer cutting provided with new tools.

As a fair novelty EXPERT presents its minijet three-dimensional cutter allowing interpolation in three linear and two rotational axes and which is targeted on prototyping and small lot production. Besides cutting of technical textiles it is especially suited for cutting high-volume flat material that is used for forming cones and pyramids or for producing chamfered cuts.

The knife cutter can be used for a wide range of cutting material such as leather, fabrics, foamed material, technical textiles and composite material. Thanks to its large number of interchangeable tools, the cutter allows a wide range of applications in the field of single-layer and multi-layer cutting. At the Texprocess fair a new milling cutter will be presented serving as an additional tool for the minijet three-dimensional cutter.

Software applications such as the machining and management of templates, automatic cut view generation and cutting data optimization complete the manufacturing equipment of the front end. EXPERT will present a projection-assisted solution without expensive hardware for the automatic cutting of continuously repeating textiles. In addition, the trend towards the system-wide networking of manufacturing processes is implemented in every product.

bullmer GmbH presents two production lines with material feeding
In the past decade this special purpose machine builder has concentrated his activities on the cutting technology

topcut-bullmer CNC low layer cutter PREMIUMCUT with interchangeable tools

topcut-bullmer CNC low layer cutter PREMIUMCUT with interchangeable tools

in the application area of machining technical textiles and can demonstrate a wide range of manufacturing solutions based on company-owned and customer-oriented developments.

As a consequence bullmer will present at the Texprocess trade fair two production lines with material feeding which cover the areas of single-layer cutting, low-layer cutting and high- layer cutting.

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