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Cover Image microfibres/ Source: Darko Djurin on pixabay

Blocking the escape of microfibres

Microplastics have become a huge social problem. Particles that are invisible to the human eye are now present in abundance in the world’s oceans. Textiles and clothing made from synthetic fibre are among the major causes of environmental pollution. They release microfibres during wet processing at the manufacturing stage, in use and when washed. The ... Read more...

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A digital way to sustainable clothing

Resource-saving and sustainable clothing manufacture is not possible without digitisation. Software solutions and smart systems make supply chains more transparent and utilise the latent potential for making improvements at all stages of production. Sabine Anton-Katzenbach Read more...

Just so that repairs don’t go down the drain

In the ubiquitously famous cartoon book ‘Max and Moritz’, the writer Wilhelm Busch sketches, amongst other characters, Böck the master tailor. And one could be forgiven for thinking that the numerous little repairs that he performs might be seen as a blueprint for the textile rental service. The repairs required have hardly changed to this ... Read more...

Environment is secondary to protection

ILO, BCI, FWF, GRI, STeP, GOTS, GRS – with all these acronyms it is not only the uninitiated who find themselves in the dark. Specialists from the textile and apparel industries, where these acronyms originate, are themselves often at a loss as to know where to begin. At the same time, the initials all stand ... Read more...